Portable Mini Air Cooler Bladeless Fan USB Charging With Fragrance

  • Mini Fragrance Air Conditioner Cooling Fan Is Made Of Durable Hard Plastic Material And Powered By 3 Aa Batteries give off fragrance besides.
  • Powered by Battery or USB The Portable Cooling Fan can be powered by 3 AA Batteries or through the provided USB Port. This makes it easier to carry with you on a trip or use it when there is a power cut.
  • Can Be Used To Hot Flashes Or Home And Office Other Use. Outdoor Use When Golfing, Watching A Game, Resting In Sports, Amusement Parks, Sunbathing, Bbq, And Picnics, Camping
  • The Portable Fan does not contain any blades and runs through a rotor. This makes it safe to use and reduces the risk of injury if your finger touches the inner part of the fan.
  • Can add scent bead or ice into the box, and give out cool wind with fragrance

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Mini fragrance air conditioner cooling fan is made of durable hard plastic material and powered by 3 AA batteries. You can add scent beads and 50ml water into the storage box inside the fan, to give off fragrance besides. A USB cable to provide strong wind with low power consumption. It is easy to carry And Suitable for home, office and outdoor use. Adjustable Dual Bladeless Fan.Portable and Lightweight, perfect for office, home, and outdoor camping, picnic, etc. Students can use it their hostels where sudden power cut happens, it is also work in the kitchen just fix it with a stand or desktop in front of your face. The pitch angle can be adjusted upwards or downwards. With key switch. USB Powered, no external power required. Plug and play, easy install and remove
Plastic Mini USB Cooler
Plastic Mini USB Cooler
Plastic Mini USB Cooler

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Portable table cooler




3 AA batteries

Water storage


USB Cable


Suitable For

home, office and outdoor use.


Adjustable Dual Bladeless Fan.

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