Silicone Non-Slip, Dishwashing and Pet Grooming, Magic Latex Scrubbing Gloves for Household Cleaning Great for Protecting Hands (Standard Size, Multicolour)

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  • Color: Colors may vary as per available stock.
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING: your hands no longer need to be occupied with a sponge. Just simply put the magic silicone gloves on, rinse with water, apply soap, and simply scrub & clean with just your hands!
  • SCRUBBING POWER: equipped with hundreds of scrubbing bristles to effectively remove stubborn greases, oils, and dirt.
  • MULTI-USE: works extremely well to scrub and clean the dirt away from plates, cups, cutlery, carpets, floors, sinks, shower tubs, toilets, tables, cabinets, pet hairs, and just about anything else!
  • COMFORTABLE: using a freehanded motion makes it much easier to clean in harder to reach spots, and the silicone dishwashing gloves are also beneficial for those who may suffer from hand pain or arthritis.
  • DURABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: this silicone gloves with wash scrubber is made with heat resistant FDA-approved silicone. coated with anti-microbial properties to resist bacteria build-up! Great for cleaning kitchen, dish washing or cleaning the car.

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10 in stock

Raise your hands if you hate wet hands while washing dishes! 🙌🏻
Do you hate when left over food gets on your hands while washing? 
Say goodbye to both these problems because we have got the TrendGloves™ for you.
TrendGloves™ are made with built-in silicone sponges right on the palms and fingers of the gloves. So you can put them on and instantly start washing dishes without ever worrying about touching the nastiness of your dirty dishes.
Magic Silicone Sponge Gloves

TrendGloves™ are made from eco-friendly silicone, can withstand extreme temperatures between -40 degrees F to 320 degrees F, and each glove measures 8.3 inches long with just the palm measuring 5.7 inches. Plus each glove has a hanging loop on the end of it to easily hang up to dry or store when not in use.

  • Dish washing gloves with built-in silicone sponges
  • Multipurpose – Use it for cleaning dishes, bathrooms, cars or anything else
  • Made from eco-friendly silicone
  • Feel amazing to wear and touch
  • Best dish-washing gloves ever
  • Measure 8.3 inches long
  • One-size fits most adult humans
  • Has hanging loop on end of each glove


TrendGloves™ can be used to clean dishes, bathrooms, cars and pretty much anything around you house.

TrendGloves™ clean hard to clean things in a fun and easy way. You can buy more than one for discounted price and use different pair of gloves for different purposes.

Note: The colour of the TrendGloves™ you choose will be preferred but you may receive a glove colour subject to availability

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Dimensions 33 × 16 cm



Silicone 100%


Colors may vary as per available stock


A Magic Silicone Glove

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  1. Shubham Sharma

    Its a Silicone rubber gloves. Easily fit to hand. Use for multi purpose. My mother use it cleaning hard fruit like apple, gouva. You can feel dots on hand made from good material. Overall nice product.

    Shubham Sharma

  2. Aditya Chopra

    I have bought one pair for my wife and she loves it her hands are secure now

    Aditya Chopra

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